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February 09, 2008


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A few of you have asked me if there are other Greeter programs at Airports around the US. I did a bit of research and came across an organization called Homefront Hugs USA that had some good advice. They said to contact the USO office at the major airport near your home because most of the major airports have troops coming or going.
Here's a link to the Homefront Hugs site:

And here's a link to the USO website where you can find their office locations.


And lastly, if any of you live near Dallas, the DFW airport seems to have a large troop greeter program. It's called the R&R Program. Here's a link:

Let me know if any of you have luck greeting a flight.

Karen Perrin

A few weeks ago, I got an email about supporting our troops. It basically said that if you were against the war - you were not in support of the troops - you are living proof that this is not so. Good for you.

Marci Alboher

I love this idea Cathy (the blog generally, but this specific idea of joining the greeters). Do you know if there is a place to research whether greeter organizations like this exist in other cities?

As for the new things, at the end of each year when I'm reflecting on the year past, I think about some goals I want to accomplish for the next year and I write them down. But it's a few things over the course of a whole year. Your blog is making me think of smaller things I can do in my daily life that will satisfy the "new experience" urge.


This entry really made me smile and think about those things that are "home" to me. It also made me proud.

I have found this blog motivating - in fact, it motivated me to do some neverB4s of my own. Today, I attended not just one, but two political events - things that I would have shunned before I found myself so enraged by the actions of this administration.
I am not prone
to being interested in politics, but I hate to see our best and brightest (thanks, John Kerry, NOT) and especially our national guard, who should be guarding our nation, not fighting elective foreign wars, dying for "big oil".

I attended Hillary Clinton's "town hall" at the University of Maine at Orono, the university that I will hopefully get a doctorate from some time in the next few years. I also attended Barak Obama's rally in Bangor, ME (home of Stephen King, UMaine alum, and the world's most successful author). I found them both hugely motivational, and I found the things that were said echoing and addressing the frustrations that I have been feeling the past seven years as a proud citizen of this formerly great country. I no longer doubt that our country can be great again.

By the way, in between these two events, I found the time to stop at "Bangor Slots", (the third neverB4), and then WON 75 cents on a five dollar "investment"! (the fourth neverB4 - I always lose at slots) WOOO HOOOOO!!!!

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