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May 15, 2008


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hey go aunt cath!!!!
like omg..this sounds totally cool...and wow, don't i sound a valley girl!
can't wait to read your other trips and adaventures!!
c ya soon!!


Rum would have definitely done me in, Mike. Although it would have helped the my trembling hands afterwards. Give it another shot sans rum...and write about it for Time Out!


Yosemite sounds a bit above my level but I hear there are some climbs in the Catskills that are good/easy. Maybe I'll rope you and your fam in.

Mary Jeanne

Yeah Cath!!!!!! You certainly look like you got to the top of the wall! It looks like a pretty formidable climb, unlike some of the walls I've seen at amusement places. Next stop, Yosemite!!!


Congrats Cath! I tried this once on a cruise ship and couldn't make it more than three feet off the ground while kids and moms zipped up on all sides of me. I like to think it had to do with all the rum in my system. Yeah, that's it. The rum ...

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